Thinking, Analysis and Action

I like thinking - I think it is important - I there that a lack of thinking underpins much of the drama we see in the world today. One part of thinking, is the idea of analysis ... we look at a problem or an object from as many different perspectives as we can - not just from those angles/perspectives that support a prior held opinion.

If we are trying though, to make a decision about something, we should (of course) try and imagine-forward and calculate the possible ramifications of choosing one course of action over another - and herein lies a potential problem .... taking into consideration even slight variations on how we might proceed, can produce an almost overwhelming variety of different outcomes ... so we continue to analyse ... and fail to ever TAKE ACTION! Paralysis by analysis - this has been called. And it is a real phenomenon.

The thing to remember is this - when we fail to take action - that in itself is an action. We must also understand we need to live with the consequences of NOT ACTING. Consequences arising from inaction are every bit as real as those that arise from taking action.

So, think, think and think some more - but then ... take action (one way or another) and you'll soon have the opportunity to think - and choose - again! - JBW


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