Living in Between ...

Living in between …

The conscious part of the brain - that certain ‘YOU’ that pops to life when you wake up in there morning - is really only the broom closet in the sprawling mansion that is the brain.

We are driven, in our daily lives, by what resides under the hood - and it’s a hood we can never open. But everything we have ever experienced is stored there; trillions upon trillions of neural connections … and bubbling to the surface are the thoughts, ideas, solutions and musings that direct us as we live our daily lives.

We all know, with certainty, that as we look out upon the world through our eyes, we only see the barest fraction of even this insignificant globe we reside on … but take a moment to ponder that in looking inward, we still only see the smallest fraction of who we really are. 

We reside in the thinnest film, between the inner and outer. And even that marvellous, ephemeral  ‘film’ presents us with seemingly unending possibility. What creatures we all are!



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