Naysayers, Critics, Backstabber, Front stabbers and Trolls VS the Lions ... not sure of a good title for this ... please choose one or contrive your own ...

In the world of the inter-webs, and of course in real-lie itself, we are assaulted very now and then by the words of others. But these are words only; and almost always, the opinions of such people shouldn’t matter at all to those who live their lives as lions.
We are the most critical of others when we are sucking at our own lives. people who have the habit of criticising others (particularly if it is in a bad-mannered way) are usually pessimistic types.
Successful people, more often than not, usually try to help others, not criticise. When people criticise us, we should try to understand that they themselves are probably struggling; just remember, they are probably (and sadly) pessimistic types.
I myself, question things and opinions, all the time; but I try to be respectful when doing so; probably because I have a natural bent toward optimism.
I think it helps to be optimistic. I have always leaned in that direction. Optimism in the face of adversity, allows us to enjoy life far more fully. Trials and tough situations are mountains to climb rather than pits to fall into. Each day an opportunity to enjoy our circumstances and interact with the world around us. Besides - if not optimistic, what alternative? No ... it's optimism for me.
I'll accept what I cannot change, live fully and continually choose to find the silver lining in all adversity. Life unfolds - but each of us can choose the way we view and interpret that unfolding. - JBW


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