Nothing in return ...

Rigan was talking to me today about the kind of person that comes smiling to your face - all the while, driven by selfish motives - and how we can all do with less time spent with such people in our lives.
I have to agree; life is short, we all know that. The older we get, the more we realise the truth of it. Forget those people that undermine you; forget those who back-stab, whisper and denigrate you; the world is also replete with people of good character and integrity.
Helping each other; with no thought of what we get in return, is the way to living a happy and more fulfilled life. This conscious experience we call 'life' is a rarity - a miracle of sorts - if people really understood how precious we all are, we would treat each other much, much better than we do.
Giving before others feel the need to ask is a wonderful way forward. hep someone out today ... for the pure joy of knowing you made their day a little easier. Best respect to all - JBW


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