A critical Mass ...

This idea coalesced for me after reading Buckminster Fuller’s A critical Path - not an easy read!

One of those strange phenomena at work in the world and in our lives is the idea that when things reach a critical mass something ‘large’ happens.

On the mat, we are are exposed to more and more ideas/techniques and yet not much really changes - UNTIl - we reach a sort of Critical Mass and then we ‘leap’ forward in spectacular fashion.

The same sort of ‘explosive’ and ‘spectacular’ outcomes can be seen almost anywhere .. 

Notice that the smallest parts of our physical body are not really alive - and yet the entire organism is undoubtedly alive/conscious.

The smallest parts of the physical form are not free to make choices but the entire thing (consciousness) is free to make choices.

We are made of trillions upon trillions of small things (cells) that neither know who we are or care who we are - and yet WE know and WE care.

So it is worth noting, that often when we are working toward something, and it seems that we are not getting anywhere - if we persist, we may well reach a critical point, where the truly spectacular is likely to occur. 

  • JBW


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