Check the effects ...

When we are moving and living with a sense of purpose, we can check our ‘compass bearing’ by looking at the ‘precessional effects’ (unintended consequences) of our actions/decisions … if these consequences are of benefit to the world, then we might well assume our course is a good one. If we reap joy, or even make a living, from our martial arts training - and we see other people improving their own lives, becoming more confident, getting fitter, etc by sharing the journey with us .. then it's easy to feel even better about the choices we have made. When the bee flies from flower to flower collecting pollen for the hive - it also serves the larger purpose of ‘cross-pollination’ and benefits the world at large. Unintended consequences, of all of our choices, ripple out into the world - sometimes for good and sometimes not. Taking a peek into the side mirrors to check for these effects can really help keep us true and on a positive bearing.


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