“You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago” - Alan Watts

Exquisite phrasing! This is something most of us rarely think about; not because we aren’t open or desirous of self-improvement but because for much of our lives we are on auto-pilot. Even Groundhog Day has a certain allure - perhaps we all have a secret love for familiarity and security; even those of us who are born adventurers.

And so it is on the mat. We have a natural tendency to repeat those techniques and strategies that worked for us last session; and so we come up against a subtle resistance to trying new moves and new ideas. 

Even if when we try new things, when they fail (in our first fumbling attempts) we become even more motivated dated to run back to the familiar.

I say this - and I have said it for decades - every day is an opportunity for the re-invention of ourselves. 

Even today!

  • JBW


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