- focus on the small steps, the process, not the goals
- to build trust, make small promises … and keep them
- true love is not a myth
- passion and purpose are life's trudriving forces
- going deep builds understanding
- going broad builds adaptability
- failing is learning in an ugly disguise
- problem-solving is often about the 5% improvement
- the extraordinary life is made by doing extraordinary things
- a ‘good enough to get by’ attitude leads to mediocrity
- life is about living
- being overly attached to stuff and outcomes causes unhappiness
- risk-taking is how increase the square footage of adventure in our lives
- people are more interesting that they first appear
- the universe won’t manifest anything for you, taking action will
- ‘loyalty’ when it’s inconvenient to be so, is true loyalty
- ‘generosity’ when there is no hope of ‘payback’ is true generosity
- possibilities are endless; our fears are the real limiting factor
- ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ is a question worth asking
- investing in ourselves is the best investment of all
- everything comes to an end; even pain, sorrow or unhappy moments
- there is much more to everything that what we initially think
- time goes by whether we want it to or not
- each day is an opportunity to re-invent
- John B Will


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