The way forward ...

Broken, healed, broken, healed, broken and healed yet again ... and so it often unfolds for those who take a serious run at life. As far as physical traumas go ... I have found myself under the knife on five occasions to date; and of course, a hundred other occasions where ice, rest and care were all that was required. Other injuries, not of the physical kind, were attended to by my most beautiful wife ... an angel amongst humans; the love of my life. 

We all have our highs and lows; our moments of supreme health and other moments of suffering; but it is important to learn (as we go) about those 'ways of being' that allow us to heal. There will, after all, come a time where all efforts to heal will fail and we will cease to be. This most obvious fact, that many people remain firmly in denial of, should not be something that upsets us or makes us less willing to embrace the time we have left; rather, it should awaken us to the importance of wringing every moment of joy and fulfilment that we can out of each and every waking day. 

It is also healthy for us to remember, from time to time, that there are many things we cannot change (what others say or how others behave for example - and weather!!) but what we can do, is exert some level of control over how we react to those things ….


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