Small Victories

What's not to love about seeing others overcome obstacles. We all have obstacles, demons to wrestle with, personal challenges that take an effort of will to face up to. Life is often synonymous with struggle; seeing people prevail in difficult times is an uplifting sight; it gives us inspiration to overcome drama and challenge in our own lives. I love prevailing myself. I love helping other people prevail; I love seeing other people prevail; prevailing in big things; prevailing in small things … 

Weirdly … to me at least, I do see lots of people prevail in small things yet fail to recognise they are doing so. Very often, it is the small victories, that pave the way for larger accomplishments. 

Losing that one pound (if you need to lose weight) is an accomplishment - and of course, it’s impossible to achieve bigger goals, without hitting loads of small milestones along the way. 

Small victories … what’s not to love?



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