The rise of the Snowflake

Times they are a changing … apparently. And so they should - but not all changes are for the better. I am talking about the rise of the ’snowflake’ - that delicate breed (found in campuses the world over) that recoils in horror from ‘micro-aggressive discourse’ - who screams and whines at the slightest use of so-called ‘weighted language’ - who, apparently requires a ‘safe space’ and ‘calming/soothing’ activities like clay-modelling and colouring books when confronted with ‘harsh opinion’ or ‘non-inclusive’ nomenclature. OMG!

I wonder how these delicate creatures are going to cope when the real world knocks them to the pavement and delivers a couple of good kicks in the guts? 

I have always welcomed duress; and I imagine my own father thought I was soft, after what his generation went through. 

My aunt, who was a very high-level educator (here in Australia) used to say that we would be way better off getting out of our own culture and travelling for a few years - before beginning our study at university (college for my USA friends). We need to get out there and get our scars - we need to harden up - to grow a thick skin - to build a robust emotional immune system. The world can indeed be a tough place (for the non-immunized) … I fear for the poor little snowflakes.

So … my advice to the snowflakes is this ‘man up’ … oh shit- I think I just offended someone! 



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