The seed/root idea …

Think about how we learn basic math - we began with the fundamentals! Think about how we learned to read - again, the fundamentals. How to we build a house? We don’t start with he roof, then the walls - no we begin with a foundation. Almost always, this is the best way - starting at the beginning.

In martial art systems - particularly in the world of BJJ - it is very easy to begin with the fourth, firth or sixth iteration of something, rather than with the basic idea. Even if (and it’s a BIG if) the instructor does start out on a given topic, right at the basic/root idea - if we miss a class or two and he is three iterations/variations in by the time we show up - then we are up against it!

When I introduce a class to a topic - or teach a topic on a seminar - I almost always try to begin at the very start; IE.: I familiarise everyone with (to the best of my knowledge) how the idea/technique first popped into being. Why are we doing the technique? Under what set of circumstances? And then how are we doing it? Once those aspects of the topic have been squared away (if there is time) I progress to other iterations of it, or other entries/set-ups/variations, etc.

This idea - was given to me by my coach and friend of 30 years - Prof Rigan Machado. He coined it - the Seed idea. 

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