Thursday, January 19, 2017


Excellence in all we do …

The most important distinction between the adequate and the exceptional is that the exceptional person created for him or herself an essential habit - that of paying attention to detail in the things they attend to. 

Rising to excellence in all that we do is really about a clear understanding of the value of time - our time. The sand runs through the hourglass for all of us, rich, poor, fast, slow, short, tall short, male and female alike. Keep in mind, this simple truth - whatever we are doing, we are trading some of these most precious grains of sand for that thing … in a very real way, how we spend our time represents the real value of that time. So consider, very carefully, what value we want to attach to those sands as they empty from our respective hourglasses … I for one, want to extract the most value I can, from each and every grain. 

if you are there - doing it (whatever ‘it’ is) - do it well; do it with ‘full mindfulness’ - do it as if it truly, truly matters - because it does matter; it’s your ’time’ that you are trading for the doing of it. I want to extract the maximum value form this gossamer moment we call ‘life’ …
I wish you the very same … 

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