Deconstructing BJJ

When we deconstruct something, we learn a lot about howe it works. I remember doing this as a kid, when I got a new clock or a microscope or something cool, I would just want to take it apart and see how it works. I guess everyone has done this at some point. What’s inside there? What’s going on here? How does this thing work? all great questions.

Deconstructing technique though, can be challenging. There are many aspects of a technique that can be difficult to spot; things like ‘feel’, ‘weight distribution/focus’, ‘timing’, etc. Even after we glean and understanding of the various ‘elements’ of a technique, we need to ascertain the ‘firing order’ of these elements.  To shoot a ‘low single’ … do we fold, drop, post and grab - or is it drop, fold post or grab … or drop, post fold and grab? The latter, is of course, the correct answer - but in thinking it through and examining it carefully, we begin to appreciate that the ‘firing order’ is very important.

Deconstruction of a technique, is like any skill; the more we do it, the more we practise, the better we get at it. Deconstruction is one of the pathways to deeper and more thorough understanding. Have at it. - JBW


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