Regarding Reading ...

Reading is inexpensive. It provides a pathway to virtually ‘free’ education. It opens our mind to adventure. It provokes our imagination. reading motivates and inspires. It instructs. It transports us. As I read somewhere on the inter-webs …

“You don't need a measure of treasure to fly
to sporting success on a broom in the sky
to Eros alone in the sight of the stars
to space on a ship that's intended for Mars.

You don't need a mountain of money to go
where Peter and Susan await in the snow
where planets contend and defend for a spice
where Alice adventures with Hatters and mice.

You don't need a wallet of wealth and of worth
to start on a journey across Middle-Earth
to fight in the night with your sword and your steed
You don't need a fund or a fortune to read”


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