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Leaders need to understand the power of congruence. They cannot get away with saying one thing and doing another for very long. I am reminded of a favourite Latin quote ‘Acta non Verba’ …  Actions; not words! 

Leaders are constantly being assessed; and their critics are harsh and often unforgiving. The experienced leader comes to understand that the communication between people occurs on many levels; leaders are judged by the way they behave, by the way they conduct ourselves, by the way they speak, by the way they look, by the decisions they make, by the outcomes they achieve, etc. The worthiness of a leader is subject to constant scrutiny; after all, people are placing responsibility for their safety, their success, their development, etc - in a leaders hands. And so they SHOULD be scrutinised!

To be a leader is take on tremendous responsibility. Leaders need to be exceptional people; there are very few people who will think an ordinary person will take them to an extraordinary destination; as most intuitively understand that ordinary people do ordinary things, which most often, afford only ordinary results. Those seeking to leave mediocrity in their wake, instinctively seek out extraordinary leaders to help show them the way.

A large part of a leaders job is to inspire others to follow; and the ability to do so requires a harmonic balance between words and actions. To take up the mantle of leadership is to undertake a departure from the ordinary; this can be both challenging and rewarding in the extreme. Collaboration between people is how extraordinary things are accomplished - and the art of leadership brings rudder, sail, wind and navigation skills together in a way that sees everyone gets to where they want to be.

The first task of a would-be leader is to embark on a study of themselves. We cannot lead others without knowing them; and we cannot know them until we first know ourselves. At it’s core, leadership is an inward journey of self discovery; a journey replete with triumph, curiosity, understanding, sacrifice and failure. A journey no ordinary person would willingly undertake.

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