Durability ...

Durability is a good trait - a useful trait for life - and one that can make the difference between us ‘folding’ under pressure or ’pushing through’. Durability, can be both a physical durability and also, a thing of the mind. Mental durability is perhaps, the more important of the two.

There are all kinds of mental durability - we might have the kind of durability that allows us to more easily process criticism than others - we may have the kind of durability that equips us to push through hardship when others might throw in the towel - we  might have a durability of memory, allowing us to recall things and lessons we have learned a long time ago - we might posses the kind of mental durability that us to perform the mental gymnastics needed to solve certain kinds of problems, etc.

Durability is something we can hone and develop. Physical durability to easy to acquire … strength and conditioning training allows us to make big gains in this area; mental durability is more tricky as their are so many flavours available to us. The approach though, to the acquisition of durability is almost always the same - we expose ourselves, little by little, to the challenging thing … and over time, our mental faculties adapt and we become more durable. 

Increasing our exposure to stress - of various kinds - can greatly increase our durability. Our minds don’t like stress, in the same way that our physical; bodies don’t like physical stress … it is not the stress though, that is good, it is our response to that stress that makes us stronger and more durable. Durability - the invisible Superpower. 



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