It isn’t so important to talk about integrity - just be a person of your word. it isn’t so important to talk about loyalty - just be loyal. It isn’t so important to talk about being generous - just be kind. Talk is easy - our actions define who we really are. 

Imagine your married and your spouse keeps telling you how loyal he or she is - yikes - that would be worrisome! Humans are creatures of action … and oft times, our chatter and verbiage let’s us down.

One of my very favourite sayings - from a book entitled ARMOR by John Steakley - is as follows: ‘You are what you do when it counts’. The protagonist in the book is called Felix; the inspiration behind the naming of my boy. A great read about fear, taming instinct and becoming. One of the messages of the story, is that it doesn’t so much matter what you feel or say - ultimately it is what you do that really matters - and especially, what you do, when under pressure, highly inconvenienced or when your actions actually ‘cost’ you. 

We are defined by our actions … words are important, yes - but actions leave footprints and have real effect on the world.

  • JBW


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