Monday, July 17, 2017


Talking and thinking ...

When people are speaking, they are basically thinking out loud. When we listen to someone bluster and rant; or grunt and deride - we get an insight into the way they think. When we listen to someone describe a carefully considered opinion, we get an insight into the way they think. We utter and mutter and in so doing, we reveal our thinking.

Talking is (to a large degree) just thinking out loud. Getting our thoughts and opinions in order pays dividends over time; the clearer we are with our thinking, the better we become at communicating with others.

As we all crystallise our opinions on things and polish the lens through which we view the world, we can begin to improve our ability to express our thinking and our views to others. Through reading, debate, conversation, life-experience, travel and study we become better at articulating our world view and in so doing, we become better positioned to make our own contributions on the landscapes we inhabit. - JBW

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