The spark ...

From my childhood

An over-reaction perhaps … but in response to being bullied for a couple of years as a child, I looked to martial arts training as a solution. Back then, there were very few training opportunities available to me - so my father (who really knew his way around a fight) taught me what would later serve as a fairly solid foundation for my life’s pursuit.

Comic-books, rather than video games, were the thing back then. I, like most kids, has a large collection. I was endlessly fascinated by the ads I saw therein; they promised all kinds of wonderment … and at the time, were a kind of inspiration for how I would later on, design my life.

It’s funny, almost comical (pun right there) how certain things inspire and motivate us. I have always felt that inspiration comes first - and everything else follows. We ‘reality-making’ beings … everything starts with a thought, an internal whim … a spark of the imagination. - JBW


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