Average Joe

The famous, the wealthy, the elite … or the common man all have much in common. 
They each have only 24 hours in their day. The can pretty much all eat healthy food. They all have a roof over their head. In short, there are more similarities than differences between between an extraordinarily wealthy person and a person who earns an average wage. 

Happiness is happiness, for the rich or average like. Both the rich and the average can choose to be healthy, they can both read the same books, watch the same tv shows, sleep in similar beds. 

Many average people bemoan the wealthy and spend time wishing they had access to wealth … when in reality, most of the great things we can experience in life are available to most of us. 

Warren Buffet (worlds greatest investor) still drives the same car he has 20 years ago; lives in an average house in an average neighbourhood and by all accounts, buys breakfast at Mcdonalds most mornings. He dresses in normal clothes and speaks like an average man. he is, by all outward appearances, very average in his appetites … he just likes (and excels) at a particular kind of game that makes him a lot of money (the business game)


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