Change ... and Choice.

When I started BJJ - there was no internet!
When the first UFC kicked off - people didn’t know what a website was! By the time the 10th UFC was aired - we still hadn’t heard of e-mail!
Things have changed, evolved and morphed at a rapidly increasing rate over the past two decades. The ability to adapt, and keep up (even get ahead of) changes in the world around us, becomes more and more relevant every day. I have talked to people who have started a four year course at University, only to realise, as they neared the end of their course, that the filed was no longer relevant! Yikes!
In many ways, it’s as if we are all running in a marathon … it takes effort just to keep up with the pack; let alone get out in front … that requires something special.
Personally, I like a rapidly changing environment … I feel I am up for it. To thrive in that kind of environment is both stimulating and challenging - but it does take energy and at times, an effort of will.
But after any race - we need rest. And I do believe very strongly in the importance of rest and rejuvenation. For me that takes the form of watching a movie, reading a book, getting out in the wilds and doing some hiking with a pack on my back, etc.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead … do something different this week. read something you wouldn’t normally read - watch a movie you would normally think of watching - try a new technique on the mat - eat a new kind of food - have a chat with someone you don’t know - get yourself a digital wallet and buy a part of a Bitcoin! Change happens ... we can ignore it - adapt to it - even revel in it. Those are our choices. - JBW


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