Fight IQ - LIFE IQ

Ever since I was 17 years old, I instinctively understood that a holistic approach to martial arts training was the way of the future. A balanced blend of kicking, striking, clinch work, takedown, ground control and submissions has always appealed to me. I have to admit though, I was not only drawn to this wholistic approach because of it’s obvious efficacy - but rather for a much simpler and somewhat obvious reason … it was more ‘interesting’, more exciting, there was much more to learn, more to sample, more to keep me interested and motivated. In short, I abhored boredom.

I believe in the power of congruence. I want to approach my martial arts training the same way I approach the bigger puzzle that we call ‘life’. In life, I want to know a lot about a few things but also a little about a lot of things. This approach allows us to make better decisions and to be highly adaptable - but again, it also keeps us from becoming bored. 

A driving fundamental of why human beings are so successful on the planet is our ability to adapt. Our diversity, our ability to re-create how we interact with the environment, is what makes us special. So to not embrace this fundamental on a personal level, would be in my view, a wasted opportunity.

Read something you would not normally read, watch a movie you might not ordinarily watch, talk to someone you might not ordinarily talk to; travel, learn, experiment, broaden your outlook; learn another language, eat something you’ve never eaten before … this is living life beyond the scope of the ordinary. 

Be a renaissance man - or woman.


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