Looking Good and Going Nowhere - Embrace the Wobble.

This is one of my favourites. I heard it from author, Robert Kiyosaki some 30 years ago. I am actually quite surprised at how much he said, that stuck with me. he was an excellent instructor/communicator! One of the best!

He was all about being okay with making mistakes. We all learn like heat-seeking missiles, he said. We launch in a random direction, and make a series of ever-decreasing adjustments, until we home in on the target/goal. The missile keeps asking ‘hotter or colder’ and adjusts accordingly. We need to embrace the information to zero in on what we want. 

When a kid learns to ride a bike, the are okay with wobbling, falling off, crashing into things, etc. They adjust very quickly, and are soon riding down mountain trails. 

When I went to school, mistakes were discouraged. we were only rewarded for ‘wins’ - not ‘losses’ -= and so many of us developed an aversion to losing/experimenting, etc. yikes! Luckily for me, I quickly ‘recovered’ when I left school - and learned to embrace the /losing/falling/failing side of the learning equation. 

It’s easy to  keep ’looking good’ - to stay well within our limitations - to limit our ‘wobbles’ - it’s just that in playing that way, we won’t get anywhere. hence the saying - Looking Good and Going Nowhere!

Embrace the wobble! - JBW


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