By design ...

I think of the design-process as a kind of predictive instrument. When I designed my home for example, I was in a way, trying to predict how I was going to live - which way I was going to turn when I came downstairs in the morning, etc. In designing a class, I am predicting how i want that class to unfold. I imagine how I want the end-result to be - and then reverse engineer back through a design-process that will gives me what outcome I want. 

In an effort to design our lives - we can predict - mentally wind time backward a bit - and jump-start design-engine into life. This has worked for me at least - in loads of areas. 

I think design - along with ‘organisational models’ should be taught in school - as basic subjects. Math, chemistry and physics are interesting - but design and organisational skills gets stuff done. - JBW


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