Whats the math on …

When I went to school, I always found math difficult. My dad used to try to explain it to me - it was easy for him - but my mind struggled. 

Later in life though, I saw the math in many things. It’s strange how we all develop in different areas, at different stages of our lives. Some of us have to ‘experience’ before understanding - others are adept at learning by rote - others still come to things effortlessly at certain times - for inexplicable reasons. 

There is math at the foundation of all things. I wonder if the math teachers I knew - are aware of this fact? Perhaps.

We look around and geometry in everything … the rectangular shape of the screen you are looking at now - the concentric circles formed as we drop a pebble in the pond - the 90 degree spin as we transition to an armbar from the mount …

Numbers not only play a role … they are elegant, and wonderful. Imagine a world in which we did not see numbers … hard, if not impossible to do. 

Embracing the math of life … requires an excursion down the rabbit-hole ….


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