Not quite right …

Just the right brand of insanity is what is needed for awesome living. Well, I say that, because if ‘sane’ = ‘normal’ which = ‘sample falling into the middle part of the bell-curve of human behaviour’ … then I do not wish to be fully nor ‘appropriately’ sane. And I wouldn’t wish it so upon anyone else either.

I celebrate the differences between us - the fact that were all see the sunrise differently, think about things differently, experience differently, etc. 

‘Normal’ is that label that pigeon-holes for convenience … but convenient for whom? And to what end?

Celebrate the differences between people, I say. Those differences create tensions, divergent beliefs, varying opinions and unique perspectives … the juxtaposition of this thought upon that gives rise to the infinitely complex fabric of humanity. The differences between us are what makes the ride all that more interesting … JBW


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