As my life evolved through my 40’s and 50’s, I began to find many effective ways to transpose the skills and understanding I had developed through training, in other areas of my life. I was pretty easily able to use many strategies I had come to understand in training to square away many other ‘bothersome’ aspects of my life – things that were mostly tiresome and uninteresting to me (eg: becoming financially independent, growing organic produce inn my backyard, designing and building my house, etc). 

So with relatively little effort, I designed my life using strategic thinking that I had developed through training; which was a boon, as it allowed me to stay mostly focused on the things I loved doing. 

The reasons that I now have for continuing my efforts on the martial path are vastly different from those that drove me as a teenager or young adult. 
I am now interested in guiding other people toward similar experiences. 

I feel I have enough life-experience, both on and off of the martial arts landscape, that I can confidently assist others in the their own journey’s of ‘becoming’ more capable and joyful human beings. 

Of course, the martial arts and non-martial arts aspects of my life have become somewhat entangled; and it is difficult, if not impossible to separate them out; nor would I want to if I could; for they are both woven into a tapestry of discovery, strategy, exploration and play. - JBW


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