Meaningful Training

I want my training to mean something.
In life - we have a choice - everything we do is meaningless … alternatively, everything we do really matters. 

Choose the first - and you are freed from responsibility. But the price is that you live a meaningless life.

Choose the latter and you realise you are paying a price for every decision - and there are consequences - both good and bad. But, you live a meaningful life.

I choose the meaningful journey. My training is very meaningful to me … I extract great value from it. I love trying to solve the puzzles, I love the way it re-orients my thinking, I love seeing new things from new angles, I love designing and constructing more powerful teaching models that help others have a more powerful and meaningful learning experience, I love pulling things apart to better understand how they work, I love the discovery, the challenge - and I really love the way that the discoveries we make on one landscape can be used in many other aspects of our lives. I thrive on that!

Yes - I choose the meaningful journey.


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