Friend or Foe …

This is how you recognise a real friend … you find yourself in need of help, it’s inconvenient for them to give it, but they do so anyways.

Foes are a little more difficult to spot - because they can come in a variety of disguises - but ultimately, these are the one’s that are trying to do you harm. 

Someone who doesn’t like you but isn’t trying to do you harm - isn’t a foe. They’re just someone who doesn’t like you. And that’s ok.

There is a monumental difference between, say a bear, walking 100 metres from you, looking at you sideways and walking on … and a bear that is charging you with the intent to do you harm. 

True friends are one of life’s rarities … and although I have been duped on more than one occasion, I feel I am among the most fortunate of men, for having some wonderful, reliable and selfless friends. They inspire me.


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