Risk and Investment

A life without risk - is hardly a life worth having. 
Standing up and taking our first few steps as a toddler - was a ‘risky’ thing to do … but the pay-off was awesome. We suddenly saw the world from two or three times the height - than we did while we were still crawling around on the ground. We covered distance more rapidly. Plus - it was fun!

Not taking a risk is in fact, a risk in itself. Think about it. We are in fact, evolved/built for survival in a risky world.

Risk is also closely related to investment - and visa versa. And when I say ‘investment’ - I am not just talking about investment from a ‘financial’ perspective … 

Everything we do can be seen as an investment. The most precious thing we have - is ‘time’ - (millionaire and pauper alike) and when we spend it, we are ‘investing’ in ourselves. I have said it before, and I will never stop saying it - the best investment we can make, is the investment we make in ourselves. Be there! Invest fully. Wring the most you can out of the time you are spending - on whatever it is you are doing. When we are just ‘going through the motions’ - we are trading our time for, essentially, no return. 

Nope! No! Nyet! Yeh-Na!


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