the Grind …

We all have parts of our work we like, parts we love and perhaps some other parts we don’t like so much. 

Who cares! Suck it up! We need to take the grind with the glory. Everyone wants the ‘fairy story’ - what we get though is part fairy story, part real story and sometimes, part nightmare. Not everything is in our control. 

My own experience has taught me that we can often start by accepting the grind - for some kind of pay-off; then we learn to like the grind - then we learn to love the grind - and finally, we just don’t see the grind all. it’s all just moments; each paving the way for the next, leading us into our future. 

Previous generations were way, way better at embracing the grind than most people nowadays. There is a whole generation being raised with a sense of entitlement. Yikes. As Clint Eastwood said in his great movie ‘Unforgiven’ - ‘Deserve has got nothin’ to do with it’! Love that. - JBW


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