What can you Bring?

Something strange that I have noticed … perhaps it is also obvious to most everyone else … I remain uncertain - but here it is …

If someone is taller or shorter than us … we don’t begrudge them; if they posses lungs with greater or lesser capacity than ours own … we couldn’t care a hoot; if someone has bigger or smaller ears … no big deal … however …

If someone demonstrates a greater intelligence … i.e: a more organised brain or more creative mind … things sometimes unfold a little differently.

Perhaps we should keep the following in mind; we are all more and less successful/adaptable in different ways … we are perhaps all intelligent in subtely different ways. 

I don’t think we should worry too much about others being stronger, weaker, shorter, taller, darker, lighter, etc. instead, judge (if we must) on what others bring to the table. What do they contribute to the world, for their being in it? 


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