Solve this ...

Why is my advanced class replete with people who have trained for ten years or more? What keeps people into BJJ for such a long time? I think I know ....

Remember when you picked up a yo-yo for the first time ... or tried to solve a rubix cube ... or tried to ride a skateboard? While it was challenging you remained interested ... but once you got the basic idea; and the mechanics of it became familiar to you, the challenge went away and you lost interest. This is because the landscape of the thing was unchanging ... it was a static problem; one that offered challenge at first, then satisfaction as you solved the problem; and then, boredom began to set in ... and finally you probably wandered off in search of another problem to solve.

With BJJ, every day, the mat will throw up new and intruiging  problems for you to solve. Even as you make great progress and become more and more skilled, so do others and they create new and interesting problems for you to solve. The landscape is not static - it is ever-evolving. 

Imagine waking up every day in a new world; a world where you had new and interesting problems you had to solve in order to prevail and stay alive. Call such a situation frightening, if you must, but boring it would certainly not be. Welcome to the BJJ landscape ... it is the perfect world for problem solvers. 


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