Certificate of Not Losing your Shit

I am recently reminded of a quirk of human nature - some people, when besieged by the pressures of life, will not allow the stress they feel to effect others … the suck it up and interact with others pleasantly and honorably.

Another certain kind of person, when feeling pressured, bursts like an over-ripe pimple and covers anyone standing within range with a coating of toxic sludge. I have seen this happen every now and then - and must admit to always being somewhat surprised.

We all go through hard times … every one of us. It is a worthwhile endeavour to protect our fellow humans from the drama we might be experience ourselves. Lashing out at others never addresses the drama’s we might be going through - in fact, it almost always makes things worse.

I wear a small patch on my travel bag - it simply states ‘Embrace the Suck’. Another old saying I like - a little corny perhaps, but to the point: 'pressure makes diamonds' - but keep in mind, it can also make bad pancakes!


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