IN DEFENCE OF SPEECH … (a secret!)

IN DEFENCE OF SPEECH … (a secret!)

Here’s something that very few people know.
I was responsible for starting Blitz magazine (and owned it for the first ten issues) - but that’s not the ‘secret’ I want to share …
The secret I want to share is ‘why’ I was motivated to start the magazine in the first instance …

In the mid 80's, I wrote and article in AFA - the Australian Fighting Arts Magazine … which was publicly ’shot down’ by a couple of friends of the editor. When I wrote back a reply to their scathing comments - I was refused that right of reply - and my article was never published. I became so ‘incensed’, that I decided to start my own magazine, so that no-one could suppress my right to offer up an opinion.
A bit of an over-reaction perhaps - but I believe very, very strongly in the whole idea that people should be able to voice their opinions.

Bad behaviour, violence against women, social injustice, cruelty and criminal acts flourish in the absence of the voices of outrage.

When others threaten us into silence - that is the beginning of end as far as I am concerned. Art is about expression … and it is very dear to my heart.


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