Detail, Delivery & Design

A question I am often asked (post seminars) is how I come up with my particular coaching/teaching approach? Here’s the answer I most often give …

As an instructor, the choice of the techniques that I decide to teach is of course important, in terms of it’s relevance to the student or class  - but it is only a part of the equation; the delivery, the detail and the design of the class are equally important.

It has has been my experience, on hundreds of occasions, that when I take a look at something I am already familiar with but from a new angle or perspective - it’s at those times, I make the greatest gains - and reap the most benefit.

Arriving at the ‘optimal’ way of thinking about something - is a kind of magical moment. Understand though, there are always a number of ways we can think about any subject - but there will be ‘one way’ that will kind of make everything fall into place for us … at least, this is my own experience. 

On the mat - I pick a topic (butterfly guard, half guard, spider guard, kimura, back-taking, ashi garami, triangle chokes, etc, bubble-defence, re-guarding, etc) … I then look at all the main applications of that topic I know - and then I un-puzzle it and try to create a ‘seed’ or ‘core’ (foundational) class for it - and then I look at the rest of the puzzle and try to organise it into an optimally palatable order. Hope that makes sense … a lot of people ask me how i set up my approach - and this is the basis of it. 
Best wishes and good luck.


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