Inherited teaching style vs Developed teaching style

The hard truth is this - most ‘teachers’ teach, the way they were taught. Perhaps they had wonderful teachers, whose teaching-styles were worth emulating - perhaps not; but in the same way that we all strive to make improvements in the thing we are studying (martial arts, architecture, medicine, etc ) we might also strive to improve the methods by which we impart that art to others. 

There are the simply mechanical aspects of teaching; things like, communication - room control - class design - breakdown and analysis - motivation, etc …. but there are also the more ephemeral aspects of passing on information to others; very, very human things like wonderment, engagement, curiosity, joy, etc. 

It is a wonderful cake we bake - when we coax others toward a deeper understanding and appreciation of a thing that has mean’t so much to us. teaching is a duty - but it is also a privilege.


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