Self defence is a concept that plays a pivotal role in why many people begin martial arts training. But we do need to consider the different ways in which we might need to defend ourselves in life. We are often attacked in ways other than just the physical.

Unfair dismissal from the workplace for example … you should know your rights and know how to take action should the need arise. There are very strong laws in place for your protection.

People trying to shut down your right to free speech … again, it’s good to be clear on your rights and obligations in this area. You have a legal right to an honest opinion; no-one has the right to bully you into keeping your opinions to yourself. Just don’t be malicious. Tell it like it is.

Financial pressures … we need to shore up our abilities to deal with this. Financial pressures can put a lot of stress on people and families - learning how to be fiscally responsible is a very important life skill. Have a plan, stick to a budget - don’t spend more than you earn.

And of course we have physical assault … this speaks for itself. The laws are there of course, but they may do you little good at the moment you are being physically assaulted. Learning to defend ourselves from physical harm is a worthy life-skill that also affords other benefits, such as confidence, socialisation, better communication, etc. Plus it may keep you alive.

Defence of the self is a large topic … one that embedded in human behaviour since time immemorial.


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