Letting Go …

It is a common human frailty - one I have been guilty of myself - to refuse to ‘let go’ of some perceived insult or injury to our person/reputation/character, etc.

I have though, since learned, to let go of ‘toxic feelings’ that have arisen from something that is now ‘downstream’ from where I am currently ’splashing around’. 

The problem with ‘holding on’ to drama is that it prevents us from full appreciating the ‘now’. Living in the ‘future’ or living in the ‘past’ both prevent us from enjoying our lives right ‘now - but if I had to choose between one of these two extremes, I would choose the ‘future’. And I would do so for a simple reason, the future is something I have a say in creating - the past is irrecoverable - it is done; we cannot change it. Don’t spent a moment dwelling in the past … it’s about ‘now’ and the many ‘future nows’ will have. 

Learning to ‘let go’ - is one of the keys to unlocking a better future and a much more excellent ‘now’. 


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