What it means to be authentic ...

Be prepared to say what you think ... and accept that there may be consequences to that. Do the work ... attend to your life and the practise of those things you love doing, with attention and passion … and leave the judgement to others. 

Forget trying to please everyone ... sometimes we need to take a stand. Be open to change, and to changing your position on things. Be at peace with failing. Realise that we are not entitled to anything. Shed any need for the approval of others - think, decide, act and then let the ripples-of-consequence do their thing. Being more authentic is both a challenging and liberating endeavour. 

In a world where people place such value on immediate gratification, superficial cosmetic surgery, outward appearances, on social standing, power and position, etc - choosing to live more authentically may be one of the most transformative decisions we could ever make. 

Embrace your self - your true self - on a daily basis. Eventually, you will shift from who you (and others) think you should be - to the person you actually and really are.


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