Baking Understanding …

When we learn new techniques, we move from ‘broad strokes’ to ‘more detail’ to ‘advanced nuance’. As we make this journey, we deepen our understanding; we begin to take ownership of the technique or concept. 

In teaching, I try my best to bake understanding into even the initial offering of an idea … in my experience, the sooner students get a glimpse into the deep and more nuanced aspects of a technique, the better. 

This represents a shift away from a ‘good enough to get by’ approach … and toward a habit of ‘paying attention to detail’. This is a journey that all the exceptional have taken. Learning to ’take notice’ - is one of the most transformative skills we can acquire. 

Here’s an example of one of my favourite childhood challenges … pick the one that is different. At first glance - they’re all the same .. upon closer inspection though …


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