Getting to Basecamp …

Advice I would offer to those who aspire to achieving (anything)…. forget about summiting Everest; well, don’t forget, but just put that aside for a moment and focus on a more achievable step, that of just getting to Basecamp!

Work backwards from that goal. You need climbing experience, high altitude camping gear, and guidance from those who have gone before you. To do that, you need a wad of cash. To do that, you need a job. You need to save. So maybe, for some who dream of summiting Everest, your first step might be heading to so you can get yourself a job and earn some money.

The post here is a simple, yet profound one (in my view) - reverse engineer the process from your goal to wherever you are right now - and then place all your attention on the most important thing of all - STEP ONE!


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