The headlong rush toward mediocrity …

How long has it been since man has stepped on the surface of the moon? 50 years? I imagine there are economical and other reasons - but it does make me wonder if the human race has made a shift - from rugged and driven adventurer to ‘something else’.

People are more ‘protected’ today - they are wrapped in cotton wool - people are very ‘easily offended’ - ‘bent out of shape’ - sometimes even, by mere differences of opinion. Whatever happened to ‘sticks and stones’? 

In the western world - we have made huge gains, yes - but we also have, in my view, lost something of our hard ‘edge’. 

Someone the other day reminded me that many of our grand-parents went to war at the age of 17-18. They slept in the snow - and made life-death decisions - as teenagers. Now I am not saying this is a good thing - far from it - I am just saying this - humans are made of harder stuff than what many of us may realise. We rise from challenge … not from being pampered.

Perhaps this is part of the great appeal of BJJ ... something inside us knows this; and strives toward challenge.


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