Things that cost nothing …. but make a huge difference:

I had the opportunity to teach group of young man and women a few weeks ago, who were facing various challenges in their lives. We did two weeks of training and whilst I was delivering some fundamental self defence and BJJ training - I also took the opportunity to talk about and try to instil a number of habits/behaviours that would greatly improve their chances of enjoying more success in their respective lives. Sharing a few here …. 

  • Be on time - every time
  • Pay attention - body language and eye contact
  • Build trust by making small promises and keep them
  • Everything is a process - step by step is the way
  • Do extra work - a little more than everyone else
  • Please and thank you - show appreciation
  • Be eminently coachable 
  • Value your time and the time of others - it’s all you really have
  • Hope is nice - but when the lion is chasing you, run - take action
  • Seek out those you would like to emulate - seek mentors
These things do not require special gifts, talent or cost money. So they are things that are potentially within the reach of everyone - and they can make a huge difference in how our lives unfold. 


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