Useless F#@!#ing Advice ….

I need to say it … as unpalatable it may be to some. There is, in my view, a surfeit of unhelpful advice on offer in our society. The advice may even be correct at it’s heart - but often it can be quite ‘unhelpful’.

There is a road-sign (in Australia) that advises the following - AVOID WINDSCREEN DAMAGE! No kidding brainiacs! As if we were looking for windscreen damage? It reminds me of coaches who scream at their students in competition - ESCAPE! ESCAPE! PASS HIS GUARD! Etc. Again, no kidding! Or people who tell you - be Rich and Happy! Gee - thanks for that! 

People know what they want - people, generally, aren’t stupid; what they really need to hear, is advice on exactly HOW to achieve these things. Clarity on the ‘goal’ is one thing - but clarity on the process we need to follow to get there, is quite another. I love process!

I make a very clear distinction between WHAT we should do - and HOW we should do it! The ‘what’ is often very obvious - and so having people tell us ‘what’ we should do, can be frustrating in the extreme - when what we need to hear, is how we to do those things. 

Less of the WHAT - more of the HOW - and we’ll get many more people achieving; we’ll get them hitting goals and blowing past them. 


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