Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Actions and Behaviour ... and life’s first rule.

The way we behave is the thing that ultimately matters .... not the colour of our skin, our body-type, our sex or our bank balance. Ideological differences are the big levers when it comes to drama and conflict - not the way we look.

The truth is, we can choose the way we behave toward others; this is something we have control over. My natural inclination has always been toward a tit-for-tat strategy ... I will invariably begin with polite and kind interaction ... and if my behaviour is reciprocated, I tend to ‘double down’ in my efforts .... if, on the other hand, my polite offerings are trodden on, again, I have always instinctively reciprocated. I’ll leave turning the other cheek to the saints of the world ... the skin of a friendly lion seems a more natural fit for me. 

My mother taught me good manners - my father taught me not to take shite - both were right. It feels very natural, and fulfilling to me, to be generous ... but alas, one also feels a certain sense of deep fulfilment from the destruction of an arsehole. And that brings me to my first rule for living ... Don’t be an arsehole. 

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