Sunday, September 30, 2018


Do the math ...

Do you realise the odds against you being alive?

Not one of your ancestors, going back millions of years (apologies to friends in Utah) - died before they managed to procreate! Think about the odds of that!
Who knows whether there is life elsewhere in the universe? My instinct tells me there must be - and lots of it - but we havn’t quite found it yet - so, for the moment, that adds to the ‘special-ness’ of human existence.
I am also quite certain that most of us have a very limited understanding of the concept of ‘time’ … I suspect that each moment we experience has a value that is very much beyond our understanding.
Bottom line … you are unique and special! Each and every one of you … so do the best you can to extractive most value you can, from your most-wonderful existence.
A poem I wrote some thirty years ago ....
more nothing
the candle sputters
endless nothing
But oh what joy
what magic
in that briefest
of flickerings'

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