The Lone Voice

Big things have can have small beginnings.
That first drop of rain is easy to overlook.
I have very clear recollections of my early attempts at bringing BJJ to the attention of the Australian martial arts community. I was already five or six years into my Jiu Jitsu training, and had written numerous articles, hosted several seminars, etc ... before the UFC kicked off and people started taking notice. 

Being the ‘lone voice’ can, ironically, be an empowering thing. Even if no-one is listening, we can remain focussed, we can dig ‘deep’, we can discover, question, answer and broaden our understanding of the position we believe in. 

Hi hen, when the time is right … we attract the attention of like-minded people - and that, right there, is how a movement is born.

My great friend David Meyer, is a prime example of someone starting out as a lone voice on the animal rights landscape - and now heads the largest animal adoption network in the world … A lone voice … is exactly how great things begin.


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