Acceptance - or Push Forward?

Just watched season 5 of ‘Alone’ - the series tells the story of 10 people get dropped off in the wilds; no food, limited equipment; and whoever lasts the longest wins the prize. Easy peasy.
What’s interesting to me though - is that even though they each have access to pretty much the same resources … the way they set up their ‘lives’, varies tremendously. Some just put up with the basic tarp they are all given - some build log cabins, clay ovens, bows & arrows, fish-traps, etc.
I do know this, in a wilderness-survival situation, having lots of small goals/tasks to keep you focussed and trying to improve your lot, makes for a much better day-to-day experience. In a non-survival situation - perhaps it is not all that different.
Improving our lot - seems to be at the heart of what it takes to be human.
PS: Spoiler alert: The person who won the contest was the person, who probably caught the least amount of for - but the one thing he had, above and beyond everyone else, was a ‘super positive’ and ‘up-beat’ attitude. The youngest competitor on the show! Mind-set is everything!!


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